1. On the Day of Fitting:


    1. Booking: Have a copy of your booking confirmation text or WhatsApp.
    2. Locking Wheel Nut Key: Ensure you have your locking wheel nut key and inform the fitter of its location.
    3. Confirm Fitting: If fewer than four wheels or tyres are being fitted, confirm with the fitter which ones need replacing to avoid confusion.
    4. Fitting Equipment: If your vehicle requires a specialist jack pad, please ensure to bring this with you. 
  1. Pre-Fitting Preparation:

  3. Review Terms and Conditions: Ensure you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

    Check Details: Verify that the size, speed rating, and load rating of your wheels or tyres match your existing ones. Contact us immediately if you notice any discrepancies.

    Know the Location: Double-check the fitting location and have directions ready.

    Appointment Details: Arrive with plenty of time for your booking. Note that appointments have a 15-minute window. Any missed appointments will need to be rescheduled without exception.

    Invoice: Bring your invoice to your booking and be aware of the outstanding balance beforehand to ensure you bring the correct payment method.

  4. Tyres: If you are using your existing tyres, please ensure they are MOT compliant, as Wheelmania may reject fitting non-compliant tyres for your safety. Additionally, if you wish to retain your current tyre positions, please mark them before they are removed from the vehicle.

  1. Important Instructions For Your Fitting Appointment:


  3. Please make a staff member aware of your booking once you arrive.
    1. Appointment times may vary and are can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. While appointments typically last between 15 minutes to an hour, please ensure to have up to 90 minutes from your booking start time available for fitting.
      • Standard rubber valves (TR414) are provided free of charge. Other valves, including TPMS-related parts, will be charged. Original rubber TPMS valves are single-use and you must provide part codes when necessary. We accept no responsibility for leaks when original valves are refitted at the your own request.
      • If you do not wish for your tyres to be disposed of, let the fitter know before any work is carried out.
    4. If your vehicle has a non OE or specialist jacking point, please make our fitters instantly aware on arrival.

      • If your wheels have locking bolts/nuts, we’ll do our best to remove them using your key. However, if the locks have been previously overtightened or your key is worn, there’s a chance the key might break. If this happens, you’ll need to source a replacement key. Please note that Wheelmania cannot be held responsible for broken keys and may reject attempt of removal if a key is already worn.
      • If you require a specific tyre pressure, please make the fitter aware.
    1. After The Fitting:


    3. After your tyres have been fitted, it is strongly recommended that your wheel nuts are checked after approximately 25 miles. This is to ensure they have settled correctly and have remained at the correct torque setting.
      1. If applicable, please ensure you have received your locking key back. If you have not, please make us aware within 24 hours of your appointment. After this point, Wheelmania will not be responsible for lost keys without exception.
      3. Check your tyre pressures weekly, as well as before long journeys or if you are carrying a heavy load. Regular checks help maintain optimal performance, improve fuel efficiency, and ensure your safety on the road. To find out what the correct pressure is for your vehicle, check your owner’s manual.
      5. TPMS may need to be reset. If a warning light appears, please reset following the instructions in your owners manual.